vegan meal delivery melbourne
Affordable, healthy, simple and tasty!

Creative vegan meal delivery in Melbourne,straight from our kitchen to your door!

 – Frozen for your convenience

– 100% compostable and recycled packaging

– Plastic free

100% Eco Friendly

Compostable packaging &
eco friendly business.

Organic Ingredients

100% guaranteed fresh
local ingredients.

Huge Savings

Large orders enjoy large discounts. 8-11 items 5% discount!

Bulk Orders

12-29 items 10% discount
30+ items 15% discount!

Delivery all throughout Melbourne

To see the requirements for your suburb including delivery times and fees, please check your cart after adding a meal.

Best Selling Meals of 2023

Customers Reviews

" Just had a weeks worth of tasty meals and found them very varied and affordable. I would recommend to anyone who is tight on time/ money but still wants a healthy meal "
Tom Earls

First customers now friends.

Checkout all our online reviews.

" Couldn’t be happier to have found Compassioneat!! Healthy nutritious meals made with quality ingredients, generous serving size, delicious taste and very affordable! Not to mention having it delivered to my door which saves even more of my valuable free time! An absolute winner in every way possible! "
Lizzy EJ
" Melbourne people if you fancy some cheap, delicious and healthy meals delivered to your door give Compassioneat a shout. Theyre a small local business and it’s what I’ve been eating the past couple of years to fuel my training to climb mountains. Can't recommend them enough! "

Dean Maher, world record holder as the first vegan to climb Mount Everest​
" Had my first order a few weeks back. I was very impressed by the flavours of the meals, delivery service makes it so convenient as well. Genuinely environmentally aware company as packaging is also biodegradable. Haven't been able to find another meal delivery service that matches the health, price and environmental responsibility. "
Ben Brand
" YUM, such delicious and wholesome vegan food that tastes really healthy. Portion sizes are large (we have been sharing two meals between three people) and ingredients high quality. Excellent value for money too compared to some of the larger food delivery companies. Will definitely be ordering again! "
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