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Simple Beginnings..

Compassioneat came to life through the inspiration of a young 20’s man who always had a love for food, and was in exploration of a plant-based diet thanks to new found information and a genuine love for nutrition. Along his path he learned it’s possible to eat high end healthy food for a very affordable price to the every day person, and that more often than not the expensive price tag that is often associated with health and health food products doesn’t need to be there. Having dealt with this conundrum, and acquiring the skills needed to make his own food with these ideals in place, he developed a strong passion to share it with everyone. From there, Compassioneat was born.

When we take a look at the organic and health food industries it doesn’t often go unnoticed that a lot of the great products aren’t always affordable, or regularly affordable, for the every day person. We often glance at an item on the shelf, see an exorbitant number next to it, and either get upset by the lack of availability of it or place more value in it than is deserved. This generally comes from associating cost with quality or glamour with quality. It is our mission to increase accessibility, and help the health of the general population, by cooking and delivering high quality food at an affordable price.

We work closely with our customers and wholesalers to improve our service and best accommodate a wide range of people and their lifestyles. Whether you have a busy schedule, are wanting to eat healthy, trying to save money, or simply enjoy the convenience of meals in the freezer to have more time to yourself, Compassioneat will have something for you.

All food is cooked by a currently studying nutrition student who has an ambition to study dietetics and become a fully qualified Dietitian.

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YUM, such delicious and wholesome vegan food that tastes really healthy. Portion sizes are large (we have been sharing two meals between three people) and ingredients high quality. Excellent value for money too compared to some of the larger food delivery companies. Will definitely be ordering again!
Emma W

Ethical and Environmental Aspects.

If you’re interested in the ethical and environmental aspects that are associated with eating this food, click the links below and learn about how this will positively benefit the world around you.

Everything in our service is entirely plastic free!

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